February Monthly Favorites

I’ve always found that I am more inspired, motivated, and ready for the new year in February than I am in January. I don’t know if it’s because days are slowly becoming longer, the season of love makes me a little extra happy, or if I just realize that spring is right around the corner. February is filled with new goals, new mindsets, and lots of getting my life together after the holidays. (It’s been a rough year okay, January was technically a continuation of the holidays — or so it felt.) I’ve compiled a few things that have made my month more energized, more inspired, and bit more productive. Please enjoy my February Monthly Favorites:

This Month’s February Favorites


I’ve really been enjoying Tayst Coffee over the past month. What drew me to them was their eco-friendly mission and their ability to create an earth-friendly coffee pod with 100% compostable materials. Their coffee is also very tasty and comes in flavors ranging from bold to decaf. They also make regular coffee grounds if you don’t use a Keurig. Take 25% off your order with code CUPOFOJ25!


I know i’ve talked about Senita Athletics in the past, but they just keep releasing amazing new items and I feel like it would be wrong for me to not include them in my February monthly favorites. They just released this new Iris purple color and I can’t get enough of it. One of Senita’s founders has a brother with type 1 diabetes who inspired them to include pockets in all of their workout pants and sports bras, allowing T1D’s to carry their supplies and diabetes devices easier while working out. New customers can take 15% off with code CUPOFOJ.


Adam bought us the Hatch Restore for Valentine’s Day and our lives have changed for the better. This little spaceship-looking thing is a smart alarm clock that provides a reading light, helps you wind down at night, is a sound machine to help you stay asleep, and gradually wakes you up with light and soothing sounds. By the time the alarm goes off, we are naturally out of our deep sleep due to the gradual “sunrise” light filling the room. It’s a really cool device for those who take their sleep very seriously and are so tired of the awful iPhone alarms that have infiltrated our mornings since high school. We named him Mr. Sleepy and he is easily controlled through their app. Grab it here.

trying out some new art supplies

I’ve seen a lot of artists that I admire start to incorporate colored pencils into their mixed media creations and wanted to give it a go myself. I really like the Prismacolor brand. They are vibrant, well-made, and come in a wide variety of colors. Follow my @cupofojcreative instagram for my recent artwork, custom commissions, and new shop cup of oj updates (coming soon hehe). Buy these colored pencils here.

What I’ve been reading This month

Wedding Planner and Organizer

Although I’ve been doing a poor job at reading before bed, I have had my nose buried in this wedding planning book for the past few months. As someone who has never been married nor planned a wedding before, I have no idea how any of this works. This planner has been so informative in all areas, but especially in timeline preparation and budgeting. It lets you know a detailed timeline of when to do specific tasks to prepare for your big day, what portion of your budget should go to what, things to consider, etc. It covers absolutely everything, and for the price, I feel like it’s a must-buy, even if you end up hiring a planner. Grab it here.

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