What’s in My Bag? Diabetes Edition

As a type 1 diabetic, there are a few things I must have with me at all times, no matter what I am doing. Whether I am spending the entire day away from home or just running to the grocery store to pick up some dinner, everything I carry in my bag serves a purpose in case of an emergency (well, I have a few fun things in there too, but we will get to that lol)

I have very specific things I choose to bring with me every day and I wanted to share details on all of those items! Check out my IGTV below to find out what I carry in my purse every day and why I bring it along. Be sure to keep reading to find additional details and links below!

Details + Links

Purse: This size holds all of my essentials without feeling like I’m carrying a giant diaper bag of t1d things.

Purse Scarf: I love changing these up depending on my outfit!

Diabetes Bag: This pouch fits all of my medical items without leaving anything out. EDIT: I also have the Baqsimi glucagon in this bag, which was picked up from the pharmacy right after filming!

Glucose Meter: I’ve had this one for YEARS.

Wallet: Matches the color of my purse.

Fruit Snacks: These are my favorite brand.

Honey Packets: These are fast-acting and so helpful for low blood sugar in a pinch!

Mini Emergency Kit: Helpful for girl problems and more.

Chapstick: This is my absolute favorite chapstick I’ve ever used…. and I’m VERY PICKY about chapstick.

Hand Lotion: Helpful for dry diabetic skin!

Lipstick: My favorite lipkit color.

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