Cute Patches That Make You Want to Show Off Your Diabetes Device

I just designed a new Skin Grip pack of diabetes device patches that I am so excited to share with the world! I have always wanted to create a line of diabetes device patches that fit my personal style. I started wearing my Dexcom after I graduated from college and never felt like patches with snowflakes or basketballs were patterns that resonated with me. I’ve always enjoyed Skin Grip‘s patches because not only did they have the best adhesive, I loved their neutral-toned and clear tape (it’s actually a lifesaver during humid summer days on the beach).

When they reached out to me to design my very own pack, I was SO EXCITED. I pulled each color from my Cup of Oj Creative color palette, to truly represent my brand and my colorful outlook on living with type 1 diabetes. This brand new pastel pack includes a total of 20 patches made up of five colors: blue, pink, purple, green, and yellow (which is really more of a yellow/orange that is very on-brand for Cup of Oj hehe).

I hope this pack encourages diabetics to rock their devices and look real cute while doing it! ◡̈

Shop the new packs here and use code CUPOFOJ to save 10%!

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