My First Day Wearing an Omnipod Insulin Pump

Okay, listen, I know what you’re thinking…. Ariana, you switched to an INSULIN PUMP?! After you have famously talked about how you prefer Insulin pens to insulin pumps? And I know. I truly didn’t think I would see the day when I would be wearing one either, but here we are. 

My First Day Wearing an Omnipod Insulin Pump

So to catch you up a bit, there was a big reason why I made the switch from MDI to Insulin Pump, and that had to do with where I am in my life right now. My husband, Adam, and I are getting ready to start a family soon, and as a type 1 diabetic, that requires a bit more planning on my end. My A1C is currently 6.6 and my doctor would prefer it be below 6 before we start trying for kids.

As much as I loved managing my T1D on insulin pens, I knew my control could be better with a pump, especially one with an automated system. I’ve heard such great things about the Omnipod and was interested in a tubeless system, so I decided to give it a try and finally make the switch.

My Initial Thoughts on the Omnipod

I decided to switch to the Omnipod 5 Insulin Pump with an automated mode, which basically means the device will start to learn my patterns to better anticipate where my glucose will trend and adjust insulin delivery accordingly.

One of the main reasons I was hesitant to ever go back on an insulin pump, was the feeling of being attached to something 24/7. Of course, I already wear a Dexcom CGM, which feels like nothing, but a pump on a tube felt really constricting to my daily life. The tubeless option of the Omnipod felt like the perfect way to avoid that feeling while still enjoying the benefits of an insulin pump.

Putting the Omnipod on for the First Time

I met with my Omnipod Trainer, Nicole, to learn about how the pump worked, how to put it on, what to look out for, and everything else I needed to know for my switch. The insertion was painless and the entire time I just kept thinking to myself, “Wow, I can’t believe I’m going back on an insulin pump!”. After my training, I headed home with a wealth of new information and what looked like an airpod case attached to my arm.

What I’ve Learned from My First Day Wearing the Omnipod

My first day wearing my Omnipod was an adjustment due to the fact that I still had about a day of my long-acting insulin in my system from when I took my last dose the night before I started my pump. Even with my pump in activity mode, I had multiple lows over the course of the next day. This of course subsided as the week went on and my pod got to work figuring out who the heck it was now attached to.

The size and placement of the pod on my arm was an easy adjustment. It was painless and really didn’t get in the way at all. It felt really nice not having to inject insulin and instead just plug my carbs and glucose into my new PDM.

Overall Thoughts After Day 1 of Wearing the Omnipod 5

A number of people warned me that my glucose may run a bit higher for the first week as the pods get to know my patterns and trends but I really didn’t notice that much. I did however notice how smooth my nighttime blood sugars were right off the bat which was SUCH a welcome change!!

Omnipod Insulin Pump Q&A

Did it hurt? Or is it similar to Dexcom?

It feels similar to my Dexcom G6! Feels like a quick rubber band snap when the cannula goes in, and then it’s painless after the insertion.

How did you feel about the Omnipod training?

I feel really good about it. I am a visual person, so booking an in-person training was definitely the right option for me.

How did the process of switching go overall?

It was easy! I talked to my doctor, he sent over a prescription and contacted an Omnipod representative and I had my training scheduled within a week.

Are you still wearing the Dexcom G7 or did you go back to the Dexcom G6 with the Omnipod 5?

I switched back to my Dexcom G6 in order to use the Automated mode with my Omnipod 5. Once the Dexcom G7 integration is approved with Omnipod and available I will switch back!

Is it harder to sleep with the Omnipod on your arm?

Nope! I don’t notice it at all, just like my Dexcom. It holds on much stronger than I expected, so I am not worried about knocking it off overnight.

How many days do you keep it on?

Each pod lasts for 3 days and holds a minimum of 85u of insulin and a max of 200u of insulin.

Is there an option to bolus from your phone?

There is, if you have an Android phone. They are still working on the iPhone’s ability to do this, so for now you have a device called a PDM that you can bolus from.

How are you handling the stress of the change?

So far so good. I always try to remember why I am making this switch, which helps with any stress I encounter.

Do you miss pens yet?

Yes and no! I do still very much miss my flexibility with not needing to change a site or plan a site change, but it’s been so nice to not inject myself! I also enjoy bringing less with me when I leave the house.

Where are your favorite sites to wear your Omnipod 5?

Right now, my favorite sites are on the back of my arms and my hips!

Learn more about my initial thoughts about switching to the Omnipod 5 on my YouTube channel and by following along with me on Instagram. Don’t forget to grab some stickers to decorate your own PDM case in my shop, Cup of Oj Creative!

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  1. 11.22.23
    Katie said:

    I’m so happy you like the Omnipod! I just did an Omnipod trial and it’s nice to see others going through the same thing!

    • 11.29.23

      My first month was month was more of a roller coaster but since then it’s been smooth sailing!!