February Favorites

February is almost over and 2020 is officially flying by! This month’s five favs have a little bit of everything: something for the coffee lover, something for the fitness junkie, something for the overly prepared, and so much more.

  1. “Ever Just Carry Around Too Much Crap For Your Whole Life?” Zipper Pouch: Never have I felt so seen by a bag. This is perfect for low snacks, diabetes supplies, travel diabetes supplies, extra CGM tapes, on the go Stevia packets, etc.
  2. Organic Pre-Workout Energy Drink: Caffeinated with green tea extract and filled with a bunch of ingredients I can pronounce? I’m in. This low carb pre-workout drink offers the perfect buzz to get you pumped up to lift heavy things and stuff. Try a 2 pack for $1.99 and free shipping here.
  3. Medical ID Tag: This Medical ID is a bit different than the ones you buy at the pharmacy. These allow you to create your own medical profile online and even select the option to automatically notify your emergency contacts the moment your ID is scanned. Use code CUPOFOJ to save 15% on any My ID products.
  4. Cold Brew Maker: This has been a game changer in our house all month. It saves so much money by allowing us to avoid our local coffee shops and I have full control over making my own drink with the low carb ingredients that I love.
  5. Organic Fruit Snacks: As much as I love to snack on candy when my blood sugar is low, it’s obviously not the healthiest option. These fruit snacks are organic, non-GMO, vegan, and also taste really good. They are also cheaper than most organic fruit snack brands out there.

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