January Favorites

I’m excited to kick off another monthly series outlining my favorite things of the month! Those things might include new products, favorite low snacks, and items I can’t seem to live without. Find all the details to my January Favorites below!

  1. Fruit + Veggie Juicer: I got this juicer for Christmas and have been making new combinations of fresh juice non stop since. I like making my own juice and knowing exactly what is going into my body (no added sugar!!). This has already saved me a bunch of money avoiding the fancy juices from the store. Set up is incredibly easy and it’s not a big hassle to clean afterwards which is a plus for me because i’m lazy. It also comes with a pitcher to keep your leftover juice in. Click here for my juicer, or here for a lower priced option.
  2. Nooma Organic Sports Drinks: I’ve been on a NOOMA KICK all of January and I can’t stop. This organic sports drink blends coconut water and Himalayan pink salt to naturally provide hydrating electrolytes that are perfect post workout, or post night of drinking (I like to have fun ok). They also just came out with an organic pre-workout that’s caffeinated with green tea! You can pronounce all of the ingredients and they are low carb, which is nice for me. Click here to try a 2 pack of either the sports drink or the pre-workout for $1.99 and free shipping or use code CUPOFOJ20 for a discount on 12 pack orders!
  3. Honey Packets: So here’s a backstory: Adam and I went to dinner the other night and the restaurant’s sugar packet cup had honey packets in it! So naturally I took them all (don’t tell) because they are PERFECT for low blood sugars. So you can either go to your nearest coffee shop and try to snag some free honey packets (don’t tell anyone I sent you ok seriously), or you can buy your own in bulk here.
  4. Leaf Supply: All of you houseplant lovers out there — this is for you. This book details proper care for every houseplant you can think of. It also offers tips on repotting, styling, and watering. Buy it here.
  5. Reusable Glass Travel Mugs: My very eco friendly pal, Jess, gave me a glass coffee tumbler that I LOVE. It’s the perfect travel mug for homemade cold brew and it’s handy for using when I’m ordering coffee on the go. I found two minimalistic glass options here and here.

Thanks for catching up with my favorite things of January 2020. Stay tuned for next month!

– Ariana

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