How to: Make a Low Carb Thanksgiving Cheese Board

I am feeling so ~ festive ~ this week with Thanksgiving so close I can almost taste it! I wanted to share this turkey day creation that’s a perfect appetizer to gobble up on Thursday.

I love keeping my cheese boards as low carb as possible, which is why I put together a variety of meats, cheeses, and crisps from Angelic Bakehouse. They are made from sprouted whole grain and offer a bit more fiber than most crackers, meaning they don’t spike my blood sugars when I eat them, plus they are delicious and so easy to throw into my over-the-top cheese plates.

Here’s what’s in this bad boy:

  • meat: 🍗 salami and prosciutto
  • cheese: 🧀 cheddar, swiss, pepper jack and goat
  • crackers: 🥨  Angelic Bakehouse savory and sweet crisps: fig & tarragon vinaigrette, pickled sweet onion, harissa & green chile, and zesty lemon
  • garnish: 🌿 rosemary and cranberries

Here’s how to set it up:

Step One: Find a cutting board that is big enough to hold your charcuterie bird. Start by placing the log of goat cheese at the bottom center of your board. Take your thin strips of cheese and begin to fan them outwards above the goat cheese like a fan.


Step Two: Add salami slices or prosciutto slices slightly lower than the first row of cheese and place them in the middle of each cheese slice. Add your Angelic Bakehouse crisps lower than the meats across the board.


Step Three: Repeat the first three steps with the next few rows of meat, cheese and crisp.


Step Four: Slice remaining cheese slices into triangles and add to the top layer for a “feather” effect.


Step Five: Add your garnish and make a face for your turkey with a crisp and a cheese triangle.


And that’s it! I hope you enjoy this turkey day appetizer and be sure to tag me if you try this recipe for yourself. 🦃🍂🧀

— Ariana

This is a sponsored post by Angelic Bakehouse. All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal view. Find all of their sweet and savory crisps here. (p.s. the Pickled Sweet Onion Savory Crisps are my FAVORITE)

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