Fall Inspired Charcuterie Boards

As we enter into the season of dinner parties, a signature dish that’s easy to put together is one of the most helpful things to know. My go-to potluck dish is a charcuterie board because it’s delicious and really fun to arrange. I wanted to share a few boards I’ve made for recent parties and potlucks over the years to provide some inspo for your upcoming events ahead.


Here’s what I used:

➜ cheese: 🧀 cheddar cheese with caramelized onion, creamy Toscano cheese dusted with cinnamon
➜ crackers: 🥨 pumpkin cranberry crisps, fall leaves tortilla chips, multigrain wheat crackers, Italian breadsticks
➜ dips: 🍯 pumpkin four-cheese greek style yogurt dip
➜ seeds: 🥜 in-shell roasted pumpkin seeds
➜ fruit + veggies: 🍇 black figs and Persian cucumbers
➜ sweets: 🍫 pumpkin-spiced teeny tiny pretzels, crunch dried honey crisp apples
➜ garnish: 🌿 sprigs of rosemary and mini pumpkins 

Everything was purchased from Traders Joe’s!


The big feast is right around the corner and if you’re anything like me, you’re planning a giant charcuterie board 🤩 (with tongs + tools to make everything safe for sharing) 🦃🍂 I decided to share my turkey day charcuterie ingredients to take your next cheese plate up a notch!

Here’s what I used:

➜ meat: 🍗 salami + smoked prosciutto 
➜ cheese: 🧀 wild blueberry vanilla chèvre, creamy Toscano cheese + white stilton cheese with cranberries 
➜ crackers: 🥨 water crackers, fig & olive crisps, + cornbread crisps
➜ dips: 🍯 feta, pepper drop, + olive antipasto, local honey 
➜ nuts: 🥜 nuts about rosemary trail mix
➜ fruit: 🍇 apricots, pomegranates + seeds, dried cranberries, persimmon
➜ chocolate: 🍫 Jojo’s guilt-free chocolate
➜ garnish: 🌿 sprigs of thyme + fresh cranberries 

(I bought all of my ingredients at Trader Joe’s except for the chocolate.)

Spooky Harvest GRAZING Board

If you’re looking for an easy way to get into the Halloween spirit and impress your friends and family at socially distanced gatherings, this grazing board is for you!

I grabbed a bunch of essentials from trader joe’s and arranged a spooky harvest charcuterie board to enjoy this past weekend.

Here’s what I added to the board:

➜ meat: 🍗 spicy coppa, spicy sopressa salami, + spicy capocolla (from the tj’s spicy uncured charcuterie selection pack)
➜ cheese: 🧀 blueberry vanilla goat cheese + creamy toscano cheese
➜ crackers: 🥨 water crackers + veggie crackers from tj’s cracker assortment, ghosts + bats crispy potato snacks (super cute!)
➜ dips: 🍯, feta, pepper drop, + olive antipasto
➜ nuts: 🥜 omega trek mix + pumpkin spiced pumpkin seeds
➜ fruit: 🍇 grapes + fresh figs
➜ garnish: 🎃 mini pumpkin + natural dried wheat



unnamed (1)

I made this cheese board for our housewarming party last month and I still can’t get over how pretty it turned out. The ingredients were simple and I truly believe that the salami folding really brought it together.

Here’s what I threw together:
➜ meat: salami
➜ cheese: goat cheese with cranberries and apricots, Toscano cheese dusted with cinnamon, cheddar & gruyere
➜ crackers: Angelic Bakehouse honey + raisin crisps (these are SO good)
➜ fruit: figs, blueberries
➜ garnish: rosemary



We had our Halloween potluck at work earlier this week, and I wanted to share my festive creation! The brie shape was originally supposed to be a ghost, but my hand slipped and now it’s a hand I guess lol oops.

Here’s what I threw together:
➜ meat: salami
➜ cheese: pepper jack, cranberry goat cheese, brie
➜ crackers: fig & olive crisps, water crackers, festive ghost and bat chips from Trader Joes!
➜ fruit: cranberries
➜ spreads: raw honeycomb
➜ garnish: mini pumpkin + rosemary

Stay tuned for some winter creations in the coming months! In the meantime, what is your favorite thing to add to a charcuterie board?

x, Ariana

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