Low Carb Pink Drinks from Starbucks

Summertime is in full swing and there’s nothing better than cooling down with a refreshing beverage from your favorite coffee shop. With many popular options showing up for the summer, it’s easy to indulge in more sugar than you’re expecting. I’ve decided to come up with some low carb swaps for Starbucks’ popular Pink Drink, Purple Drink, and Dragon Drink to make them easier on the blood sugars and more enjoyable for a summer in the sun.

Just to note: I normally disclose with my barista that I am a diabetic and that this swap has lower sugar. I find that they are much more willing to accommodate weird orders when they know it’s for a health reason.

Low Carb Pink Drink

⁃ grande iced unsweetened passion tea

⁃ no water

⁃ coconut milk

⁃ strawberries

⁃ 3 pumps of sf vanilla

Low Carb Purple Drink

⁃ grande iced unsweetened white tea

⁃ no water

⁃ coconut milk

⁃ black berries

⁃ 3 pumps of sf vanilla

Low Carb Hot Pink Drink

⁃ grande iced unsweetened black tea

⁃ no water

⁃ coconut milk

⁃ dragon fruit scoop

⁃ 3 pumps of sf vanilla

If you don’t eat the berries and order a grande, these drinks are estimated to be around ~5-7g of carbohydrates from the coconut milk and dissolving berries. You know your body best! See how this drink works for you and correct accordingly!

– Ariana

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  1. 6.13.20
    Celenia said:

    Hi! I’m a mom with a new diagnosed diabetic son! How happy I am to have found you! Seriously I think God sent me your page! I was so excited to see your post as I have been trying to find him an option when I do my Starbucks drive thru order. We are counting every carb and I was wondering if you had a carb count for these yummy options for him. Be blessed and keep shining. You are a hope to me seeing you thrive!

    • 6.15.20

      Hi! All of these drinks have an estimated ~5-7g for a grande. That covers the coconut milk and the berries dissolving into the drink (this doesn’t take into consideration eating the added berries). Of course, all baristas are different and this may vary slightly depending on how the drink is made. Hope this is helpful!

  2. 3.20.23
    Sondra said:

    I’m pre diabetes can I still drink the mocha crunch pistachio drink