Planning my Wedding With Type 1 Diabetes

As my wedding day gets closer (only two months to go!) it’s time I start thinking about how I plan to manage my type 1 diabetes during my big day. I decided it was best to sit down and talk about how I am planning my wedding with type 1 diabetes in mind, what I will pack for our destination wedding and my game plan for the day. I also gathered a few tips from fellow T1D brides that have already experienced what it’s like to manage their chronic illness during their special day.

I also plan on shooting a follow up video after my wedding day to follow up with what worked, what didn’t, what I didn’t have to worry about, and things that I should have, etc.


Here is my overview of each thing I am planning on doing. I expand on each of these points in the video above!

Leading up to the BIG day:

  • Avoid arm injections and Dexcom sites to cut back on scar tissue
  • Have a scheduled breakfast and lunch a few days leading up to the wedding to make sure I have an established routine going into the day
  • Add T1D Bridesmaid and Maid of Honor to Dexcom share app (maybe wedding planner too?)
  • Figure out/schedule food for bridesmaids & myself for the morning of the wedding and look up carb counts ahead of time
  • Plan on putting Dexcom on either upper thigh or hip
  • Keep a careful eye on blood sugar trends the week leading up to my wedding and adjust accordingly


  • 3-4 Dexcom sensors (possibly 1 backup transmitter)
  • Extra insulin pens (long acting and short acting)
  • Extra box of pen needles
  • Both clear and white skingrip patches
  • Plenty of alcohol wipes
  • Low snacks to keep literally everywhere


  • Only one or two drinks at rehearsal dinner to avoid both hangover and next day low blood sugars from the alcohol
  • Make sure I eat the same breakfast I had in the days leading up to the wedding and take the correct amount of insulin (I will probably be decreasing lunch and definitely dinner insulin because of my nerves, my inevitable lack of appetite from the adrenaline, and all the dancing)
  • I will be keeping a bag of fruit snacks in the pocket of my dress just in case!
  • I will be checking my sugar prior to going down the aisle, but will probably want my wedding planner to hold my phone during the ceremony and I will have all alerts and alarms turned off. (although, if it was to go off, it wouldn’t be the end of the world because it’s very ~on brand~ )
  • T1D bridesmaid, Maid of Honor, or Wedding Planner to let me know if my sugar is below 100 or above 250 (I don’t want to know if it is in between those two numbers unless I have double arrows up or down). Will also have fruit snacks on them just in case.
  • I plan on packing a clutch with fruit snacks, juice box, insulin pen/needles, and my phone to stay at our table in case I can’t easily find T1D bridesmaid or just need something quickly (Dexcom will need to be close to my phone anyway so it will be helpful to know where it is during the evening)
  • We are ordering pizza for our late-night snack which will be an overnight disaster for me but at least the wedding is over so oh well. Maybe I’ll request something else because I’m allowed to be picky! I’m the bride!

At the end of the day, I’m not terribly worried about my diabetes during my wedding. I know my sugars may not be rainbows and butterflies, but as long as I’m not low while at the altar, that’s really all I care about. I’m sure I’ll trend high most of the day and I’m ok with that. I take pride in managing my blood sugars to the best of my ability day in and day out, and deserve a day to enjoy myself — especially at my wedding!

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