DIY: Wooden Side Table

Since I have a lot more time on my hands during this quarantine, I decided to conquer a few do-it-yourself tasks around the house. If I can’t go furniture shopping in person, then I will make some myself! This modern-looking side table can be used for books, plants, or a mini bar cart.

Here’s what I used:

(Keep in mind that these items can vary depending on the size table you’re looking to make, what type of saw you have available, what length of legs you use, and the color of the stain)

Here’s how I made it:

Step One: Mark your wood pieces. I measured two pieces 2′ by 10″ and another two pieces 8″ by 10″.

Step Two: Cut your wood based on your measurements. I used a Compound Miter Saw.

Step Three: Stain your wood. Optional: Let the first coat dry for about 30 minutes before wiping it off with a paper towel. This allows for a lighter and more natural-looking finish. Let the first side dry completely before flipping over and staining the next side. Make sure both sides are fully dry before moving on to step four.

Step Four: Screw the boards into place. I made sure to drill each hole before starting to screw to make it easier to drill into place. I also decided to use black screws to match the table legs.

Step Five: Screw the legs into place. Don’t make the mistake I did and be sure to compare the leg base measurements to the wood size you are using! I have a few centimeters of leg base hanging off the end of mine, I positioned it at the back and now you can’t even tell! haha. I would also recommend checking the screw size for the legs to ensure they don’t poke through into the interior box of your side table.

Step Six: That’s it! Enjoy your new creation as a side table, plant stand, bar cart, & more!

Here’s a video walkthrough of what I did:

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